Definition:Impotence is a condition where a male finds it difficult to have an erection. If there is any erection at all, then it does not last too long and the person may have immense difficulty in achieving an ejaculation. So in a way it is a form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

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The factors contributing to impotence

Physical as well as mental and psychological factors are the reasons for impotence. It is very difficult to point at any one cause of this condition. There can be more than one or two contributory factors for a person to become an impotent.

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Is impotence age related?

Yes, doctors and urologists world over believe that impotence is age related. In fact, various scientific journal and the celebrated Merck Manual in its statistics states that fifty percent of males between the age of 45 and 65 experience this condition in some form or the other.

Any connection between impotence and education

Men of letters seldom acquire this condition because of their obvious well read status. They tend to follow healthier lifestyle and have greatly nutritious and hygienic food which keeps them immune from impotence. Impotence has such severe effect on the person’s sex life that it can create havoc in their lives and also bring about a big rift in relationships. It is a big reason for accumulation of stress, unprecedented long bouts of depression and going in to long periods of lowest self esteem. Understanding the contributing factors of this condition can not only help identify the symptoms but also seek professional help as soon as viable:

Diseases that are caused due to hormones:

Our body produces hormones and enzymes that are responsible for all bodily functions like our digestion, metabolism, sexual functions, reproduction, moods and anxiety. The worst of ever endocrine diseases is Diabetes. How? Well, diabetes as a condition is what prevent the body from utilizing the produced insulin. The biggest side effect of the body not able to utilize the hormone so produced is to curb the sexual urge of the person. Another fall out of this endocrine disease is that chronic unman aged diabetic condition is known to damage the nerve cells of the body and thus impair the blood flow in the body and consequently also affects the functions of the body which needs proper flow of blood and hormones. The penis is one such area. In case of less blood flow to the penis and as a consequence the diabetic person will have immense difficulty in having an erection.

A fall out of neurological conditions

Brain which is the king pin of all organs is also responsible for communicating to the sexual organs about the sexual urge. All the titillation happen in the brain itself and the nerves transmit the message to the sexual organs and therefore the erection happens. If the body has any damaged nerves or any diagnosed neurological problems then there is surely going to be some difficulty in the person in getting the required erection.

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Some of the neurological conditions are

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a. Alzheimer’s disease;

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b. Any malignancy that is present in the brain;

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c. Tumors in the spinal cord;

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d. Epilepsy or epilepsy like condition

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e. Parkinson’s,

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f. Brain stroke or a traveling clot in the brain,

What are the physical reasons for acquiring this condition?

Surgery in the prostrate area:

When the person undergoes any surgery in his groin, there may be insensitivity in the nerve endings in his penis and he may be unable t have any erection at all. Even during accidents, when a person has an impact in the prostrate, he may have difficulty in his sexual life, which is a good time to use male enhancement pills, such as those at this website for added help.

Extreme sports

Sportsmen who give a lot of pressure on their back and their genitals like riding bicycle and other sports like wrestling, boxing or weight lifting may be affected by this condition because of too much pressure on their genitalia which lowers the sensitivity in the nerves.

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Certain pharmaceutical drugs are known to cause impotence in men. Some of them include blocking medicines, antidepressants, painkillers, nerve stimulants and even hormones. The doctors would have prescribed the medicine only after weighing the pros and the cons and therefore the person must never ever stop the course half way if he feels that it is causing him impotence.

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Bad heart health

If the person is experiencing bad heart health it is obvious that he will suffer from impotence because the hearts ability to pump blood is directly related to the erection of the penis. 5. Emotional disorder:If the person is going through tumultuous times or is depressed or anxious or suffers from any performance related anxieties, then he will definitely have this condition.

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Substance abuse:

Abuse of narcotic substances and alcohol can also lead to impotency. The effect of the drugs on the nervous system and circulatory system is also detrimental that eventually it also affects his sexual life sooner or later.