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ED is treatable

Even as lot of people believe that impotence is a stigma on their reputation, we make it very clear to all those who seek medical help with us that it is as common as having a cardiac stroke. There is absolutely no need to attach any stigma to the condition because fifty percent of the men across all ages are believed to have suffered this condition at some point of time. ED is not an age related disease because. It may be one of the factors but not old people have any issues about impotency.

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We are here when you need us

While a lot of people experience impotency because of conditions such as anxiety and depression, a majority of them get into severe depression when they start experiencing symptoms of ED. There is absolutely no need to fret about the changes that you undergo in your body. Instead the best way to cope with this kind of a problem is to talk to a professional and try to overcome the clouds of doubt in your mind. It is often times noted that the problem is so miniscule and treatable that when men are negligent or do not turn up at routine examinations, the small problem itself balloons into a big herculean problem and is difficult to address with the first couple of line so of treatment itself.

Our cycle of treatment

We still believe that prevention is better than cure and if the person follows a healthy exercise routine, sleeps well and is far from emotional upheaval, this condition may dare touch him.

Our treatment module includes:

1. Prescription Medications:

Prescription pills and other pills that will give him good erections and let him last long

2. Natural remedies:

For people who want to steer away from allopathy and go the nature’s way, we propagate systems like acupuncture and herbal tonics containing ginseng and pomegranate, the two aphrodisiacs.

3. Lifestyle changes:

Exercising is something that we compulsorily have put in your day. Additionally we encourage you have healthy verbal dialogues with your partners and keep away from bad habits like smoking, alcohol and street drugs.